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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We ask you to carefully read these conditions and terms of use before placing any order on this website. By accessing you agree to be bound by and to adhere the following terms and conditions.

Article 1. General is a website owned by Hoogcarspel International located in The Hague, here after referred to as
Weissenbruchstraat 1e
2596GA Den Haag
KvK: 59 81 42 25


Customer: Any person or company which places an order on, accesses  or makes use of,  .

(Delivery) Agreement: The agreement to deliver one or more Products as displayed on  by to a Customer after payment in full.

Product: The actual (physical) object which is the subject of the (delivery) agreement

Supplier: : Any third party company supplying to

Producer: Any party producing the Products as shown on


Article 2: Applicable

With the exception of deviations agreed explicitly and in writing between and the Customer, these conditions apply to all offers, orders, and agreements between the Customer and, and to all actions taken to execute them.

By entering into a delivery Agreement the Customer automatically agrees to having read these terms and conditions and agrees to abide them.

The most recent version of these conditions are always applicable and accessible to everyone on the website A written copy of these conditions is made available upon request. All new terms are in effect as of the date of publication. All terms are applicable on all pending & future (delivery) agreements as of that date.

In case one or more clauses of these conditions is/are void, the other clauses of these conditions will remain valid. has the right to change these conditions and the content of the website at all times.


Article 3. Completion of the agreement

The (Delivery)agreement comes into force only after acceptance of the order by  By placing the order the Customer accepts these conditions. reserves the right to refuse orders from any Customer at any time.

All orders will be admitted on the website unless agreed to in writing by .

All  offers are non-binding. In the event that can not fill an order for any reason, it will communicate this to the Customer as soon as possible. Under no circumstances is the Customer entitled to any type of compensation. has the right to, at any time, maximize the number of Products any Customer may order without stipulating reason.


Article 4. Third Parties can make use of Suppliers to fullfill the delivery agreement. In the case these third parties have additional terms & conditions, all these will apply to the agreement as made between customer and

In case third party terms are in direct conflict with terms & conditions, terms&conditions will apply.

No third party may attain any right based on these terms & conditions.


Article 5. Address

The Customer is responsible for the timely, 100% correct, and the in full supplying of the delivery address.

A correct delivery address must be made known to at moment of submitting an order.

When an order has been submitted no changes or additions can be made to the delivery address.

All communication concerning orders or Products as ordered by the Customers on will be sent to the (e-mail) address as supplied by the Customer. can not be held accountable for any miscommunication, dammages or incurred costs arising from mistakes or misspelling in the delivery (e-mail)address.


Article 6. Ownership

As long as payment in full has not been made by the Customer for all costs incurred in the execution of the delivery agreement,  all Parcels & Products are owned by


Article 7. Prices and tariffs

All prices are in euros excluding VAT. 0% VAT will be used when delivering to Customers outside of the EU when applicable. On all other transactions the Dutch VAT of 6% and 21% will apply.

Outside the E.U. the Customer is responsible for any taxes or import duties that need to be paid in the country of destination. Please contact your local tax-office for more information. has the right to change prices at any time. In case the Customer may incur any additional cost as a result, the Customer will be informed by e-mail. cannot be held liable for potential (typographical) errors in its prices or conditions.

The Customer has no right to delivery of any Product at the published price if the Customer could have logically  known that this price was far below the value of the Product.


Article 8. Payment

The buyer is required to pay the net amount that is mentioned on the order confirmation and invoice. This amount includes the sales price of the delivered products, including any shipment fees and packing fees and/or fees for the collection of payments, and including VAT. Payments are accepted via Paypal,  Ideal, and when possible via creditcard.

The products will not be shipped until the total payment has been fullfilled in full or agreed otherwise.

Credit card payments can only be made with the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard.

Additional cost incurred when using a payment service are to be paid by the Customer


Article 9. Delivery

All products ordered through  will be shipped to the delivery address specified by the Customer as known to at time of order placement. charges fees for the shipment of the products, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. The fees that apply to the Customers order are displayed during the online checkout procedure. For further information on shipment fees please visit

All risk during transport of damage, loss or theft are at the expense of the Customer.

The times of delivery indicated on the website are indicative. Under no circumstances does the Customer have a right to compensation if the terms of delivery are exceeded. takes the necessary precautions to ensure that the products that are offered on the website can be delivered. has the right to withhold delivery of any Product at any time. All other available Products ordered will be delivered. Under no circumstances can be held liable for damages that would result from a product being not delivered.

The Customer is responsible for all possible costs due to customs, tob e paid duties or other import related taxes.

By agreeing to these terms the Customers acknowledges their responsibitiy to be fully aware of any rules and regulations concerning importing goods to their country of residence. can not be held responsible for impounding by customs officials of any Product due to local law or regulations.  If a parcel is not let through local  customs and it is returned to us, will not refund any costs. Possible additional costs will be billed to the Customer. can not be held responsible for any parcel or order being lost. can always refuse delivery of any Product to any Customer without explanation

Products in real life may vary from the pictures used on


Article 10. Cancellation & Refunds

If a Customer wants to cancel a delivery and return a Product, the Customer may do so within ten days of delivery. The Customer must do so in writing to The cancellation is only applicable to the mentioned Products. All other Products delivered in the delivery are not included.

Order cancellation is only possible if all the concerned Products are returned to without damage or without being used. The right to appraise if Products are in desired condition remains with at all times. All concerned Products need to be sent back to within ten days after delivery. All incurred cost for return shipment is to be paid by the Customer.

The unwanted products need to be returned to the address as mentioned in these terms & conditions.

After receiving the returned Products will repay any amount charged for these Products within 30 days of arrival. Repayment to the Customer will be done to the bankaccount used for the initial payment. Repayment will be withheld if the returned Products do not meet the required critiria as stipulated in the section above.

Everything mentioned in paragraphs 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3 are not applicable if Products are passed due date, very perishable, or of such personal nature that can not take them back. The right to appraise if Products are of such a condition remains with at all times.


Article 11. Complaints

If the ordered products have breakage, damage, or there seems to be an incorrect delivery, the Customer needs to inform within 2 working days after receiving the delivery. If does not receive a complaint within the term mentioned above, it is assumed that the order was in accordance with expectations.


Article 12. Garantees does not give any form of garantee as to the state of the Products apon arrival. All efforts are best-effort only. does garantee that all sent Products are not passed experation date when sent.

Possible diversions from the mentioned above must be made aware to within 48 hours of delivery by e-mail including the Parcel identification code.

If after investigation by the facts seem to be different from the Customer complaint, is entitled to bill any incurred cost to the Customer. is not responsible for any communications regarding manufacturing call-backs by the Manufacturer.


Artikel 13. Force majeure has the right to claim Force Majeure. This is the situation where can not deliver their Products due to forces outside the realm of their control. When this is the case, has the right to postpone delivery on every order untill further notice. Force majeure is appicable when suppliers can not meet our demand, strikes, government rulings, terrorist attacks, fludding, fire, war, and natural disasters.

When the Force majeur situation is in effect longer than two months, the Customer has the right to cancel the order.

When the Force majeur situation is in effect is not liable for any costs that might arise in any shape or form for the Customer or third parties.


Artikel 14. Privacy will only use any Customer personal information put in our care in the delivery of our Products or keeping our Customers well informed. is responsible for the correct and timely processing, storing, and destroying of any Customer personal information.

In case of hacking and theft of personal information all envolved Customers will be informed. holds the right to change any part of this Privacy article at any time. All changes will be made publicly accessible on


Article 15. Rights

All intellectual  propertyrights belong to and/or a Supplier. is owner and license holder of all copyrights, databases, applications, trademarks and other intellectual rights that are part of the www. website. Concept, structure, lay-out and design are the exclusive property of

The Customer is not allowed to dublicate, distribute or publish any part of without the explicit written consent.

The www. design, pictures, drawings, software or any other part of the website is owned by This includes any part which may have been supplied for limited use to a Customer or third party.


Article 15. Age does not want to deliver to minors. By accepting these terms & conditions, you agree that you are at least 21 years old.


Article 16. Governing law and jurisdiction

Dutch law shall apply to each and every agreement between and the Customer.

These English terms & conditions have been translated from the original Dutch version. In the case of any (interpretation) differences between the two, the Dutch version is always leading.

In case a Customer has any further questions in relation to these Terms and Conditions do not place an order but please contact us through our customer service.